iPad 3の登場が近い? 謎のコードネームがiOS 5で発見

iPad 2 w/ Smart Cover

9 to 5 Macが、「J2」という次期iPadのコードネームが「iOS 5」に記述されていたと報じています。


The report said Apple is yet to choose between the J1 and J2 model, but it seems like the J2 is actually just the 3G model (the J2 reference was found alongside other CDMA iOS devices) and it is possible that there is a J1, but that has not been found in the iOS 5 code. The J2 iPad 3 being found in iOS 5 code means the device is actually in testing right now against an iOS 5 software release. In fact, the J2 codename has been floating around since the initial betas of iOS 5.0. In addition – as you can see in the screenshot above – there is an unknown T39 device also in testing. I’m not sure what the T39 is but it likely is a device that can connect to cellular networks.

この「J2」の記述は他のCDMA iOSデバイスと一緒に見つかっているため、「J2」は「iPad 3」の3Gモデルだと考えられるそうです。

さらにこの記述は「iOS 5 beta」の時から存在していたそうで、以前より研究が進められていたことが考えられるとの事。

Reported Retina Display iPad 3 with J2 codename shows up in hidden iOS 5 code | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence

Retina Displayが搭載される代わりに分厚くなるだろうという噂など、まだまだ謎の多い「iPad 3」ですが、「iPhone 5」の情報と合わせて注視していきたいですね。